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February 1, 2024

A new year means new tastes, new textures, and new trends so we’ve put together some of our favourite features and tantalising treats for 2024. Read on for the trends we’re welcoming, the trends we’re bidding a fond farewell to and the ones that are still a hit!

Still A Hit: Extravagant Welcome Parties

We love it when you start the celebrations early and wow your guests with the weird and wonderful! What’s best about this trend is that you don’t need to blow your entire budget on fancy cocktails and A-List entertainment. It’s as simple as using your party as an opportunity to have a bit of fun – particularly if you have your heart set on a traditional ceremony. The key? Be bold, be different and enjoy yourself.

Planning your wedding can be a hugely rewarding and beautiful experience, but it also comes with its stresses. Sharing a welcome party with your nearest and dearest enables you to take a breath before your big day.

Welcoming: Making it Meaningful

If the past few years have taught us anything, it’s that nothing is more important than sharing the good times with the people you care about the most, and when’s a better time to do that than on a day specially designed to celebrate love?

Meaningful moments can be anything from intimate ceremonies to personal touches. It’s all about including the aspects that mean the most to you.

Intimate ceremonies bring such a personal touch to weddings and made the day just that little bit more special. Simplistic and traditional weddings are making a comeback meaning that planning smaller ceremonies with a select few close friends and family are completely on trend!

Still A Hit: Bows

Image Credit: Joey Willis / Abby Jiu / Joey Willis

Whether you like it or not, bows are here to stay! After setting the wedding world on fire in 2023, it appears that bows aren’t going anywhere. In fact, the trend is only getting bigger as it develops into ‘what else can we put a bow on?’.

A simple feature that makes a big impact. It can be dressed in so many ways which means that no matter what your style, it can always be finished with a bow! Keep it classic as a hair and bouquet accessory or take the trend to modern heights by tying them on, well, anything! Wine glasses, candelabras, cakes, menus, you name it, you can tie it!

So embrace the trend, after all, it’s popular for a reason.

Welcoming: Bold Colours

In a world of white Weddings, be the rainbow!

White Weddings will forever be on trend, and we certainly can’t see that changing any time soon particularly with many couples opting for simplistic and traditional designs again. However, as Wedding Planners, year by year we’re seeing more and more vibrant Weddings come forth and 2024 is looking to be the ‘big launch’ for this trend. You can either take it to the extreme or take on this trend in a more subtle way. By pairing a single bold colour with a neutral background, you still honour the trend whilst not straying too far from comfort.

Remember, bold is unique so be the trendsetter.

Still A Hit: Destination Weddings

Come on, you didn’t honestly think we’d write about 2024 trends without hyping up our own area of expertise, did you?

We all love a good holiday – it’s a chance to unwind, enjoy once in a lifetime experiences, and immerse yourself in a completely new way of life. On holiday, you can be whoever you want to be and feel amazing in your own skin so of course our couples wanted to gift themselves, their partner and their loved ones with a wedding and holiday all in one! As Planners specialising in weddings in Italy (and further afield), we always encourage hosting your wedding abroad, after all, there’s a reason why we’ve dedicated our lives to this industry! With the opportunity to explore new locations, learn about the culture and delve into the romance of an unknown world, it’s the perfect trend to satisfy your every need. Plus, you’re guaranteed a beautiful view every time, so get snapping! Take a look at some of the gorgeous locations we can create your special day in through our destinations page –

Welcoming: Alternative Dances

In the era of TikTok it would be remiss of us to not mention the ever-growing dance trends that populate our screens on a daily basis. Now, we’re not saying that you and your beloved should don your best Wednesday Addams outfits and get down to The Cramps (unless of course it’s a favourite of yours) but we are saying that putting a spin on the traditional first dance acts as a memorable and fun addition to your reception. These planned surprises are an instant hit with guests and no doubt, will be talked about for years to come. Remember, as with all trends you don’t have to go to extremes. Choreographed slow dances will forever be a showstopper and with Bridgerton making string quartet covers of modern songs a firm favourite, why not combine the two for the perfect, romantic first dance. 

Still A Hit: Embroidered Veils

A total classic and very much a favourite of ours. Dainty, yet far from simple, this item has been a must-have for any bride wanting to add a little more elegance to their look. It’s the perfect way to ensure your special day includes your favourite patterns, flowers, and colours – something blue maybe? With a trend like this, brides can really run wild with personalisation! You could even have your initials embroidered into your veil or use a short quote that means a lot to you. Whatever the choice, this is another trend that has really allowed our brides to express themselves. Plus, it brings even more excitement to the planning of your wedding, so get creative!

Welcoming: Statement Floral Installations

Flowers are one of the most important parts of a wedding. The colour, design and scent are all aspects of this single feature that has the power to transform an empty space into a glorious haven of the senses. They’re a way to effortlessly reflect your chosen colour scheme and, by making a statement with your designs, you’re introducing further depth into the overall look of your special day. Florals should be treated as a personal touch to a wedding, used to really enhance the venue. This is why it’s key for you to work with your florist in establishing exactly what would work with the space and with your own desires. We recommend researching different options – we’d personally suggest you take a look through the work of our very own Director, Catherine Bradfield, and our team of floral delights, to see the stunning examples of what could be achieved. After all, one of the most stand out ways that you can communicate a theme to your guests is through planning your flowers around it. 

By maximising your spend on key areas like signature installations and focus pieces, you’ll really be making a statement.

Still A Hit: Pearls

We welcome the return of this classic, timeless piece with open arms, and even more so as it’s not just limited to jewellery. Pearls have become a statement piece in the fashion industry with more and more Wedding dresses and veils including these gorgeous gemstones in their design. Pearls represent love, purity and faith making them the perfect pairing to a traditional, intimate ceremony. With some of our brides opting for inherited pieces, this trend can even be used to tick off your ‘something borrowed’. But why stop there? Work with your Wedding Planner to conceptualise ways that you can weave a pearl theme throughout your special day. We certainly welcome the challenge!

Always A Hit: Much More You!

Embrace individuality and do what YOU want. Ultimately, this is your day and there’s every chance that you’ve been dreaming about this moment for quite a few years, or you’ve at least got an idea of how you want your wedding day to look, so go out and get it! We recommend that before approaching any planning tasks for a wedding, you spend time with your partner talking through what’s most important to you both. Think about the number of guests and how this will affect which venue you can use, think about what personal touches you want to have on your day that really introduce you as a couple to the world and finally, be sure to take time every day to remember why you’re getting married. Celebrate each other, celebrate your history, celebrate your future, and enjoy every part of this process, as a team.

Farewell Trends

Image Credit: Joey Willis

As with all trends, they come and they go. Some return, some we wish would return, and some we’re quite happy to see the back of. Here’s a few that we’re bidding a fond farewell to in 2024;

I. Uniformed Bridesmaid Dresses.

The symmetry, the matching, the organisation! As self-confessed lovers of neatness, the dream is to have bridesmaids wear completely synced outfits… or at least it was before the mismatched dresses trend came out! Keep the colours the same but change the styles and embrace each one of your beautiful bridesmaids bodies! Trust us, they’ll thank you for it!

II. Overly Staged Photography.

That’s right, we’re done with the forced smiles and the uncomfortable poses. We’re bringing natural sexy back! Some of the best shots come from the hidden moments between couples and the relaxed smiles of our gorgeous guests. Editorial worthy albums are still achievable but you’ll be pleased to know that you don’t have to bend over backwards across a balcony to get it!

III. Stiff Formality.

If the trends and traditions just don’t match you then bid them farewell! It’s so easy to get caught up with the ever-changing wedding trends so make sure you don’t let them take away from what you want. Ultimately, this is your day so do you and do it big!

In 2024, let your trend be everything about yourself and your partner that you love the most. Us Wedding Planners will handle the rest.

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